Crews Cleaning Up Mess Left by Major Water Main Break in Back Bay

Repairs are taking long since crews are working on a pipe that's dated back to 1878

Crews are cleaning up the mess left by a major water main break that left some buildings flooded in Boston's Back Bay neighborhood.

The destructive incident happened Monday night near the intersections of Commonwealth Avenue and Exeter Street, where the Boston Water and Sewer Commission said a "painstaking progress" is being made.

The water main break shut down traffic in the immediate area and prompted evacuations for affected buildings. Water service to buildings inbound on Comm. Ave. between Dartmouth and Exeter Streets is out indefinitely while cleanup efforts are being made on Tuesday, according to BWSC.

BWSC said they anticipate services to be restored by 5 p.m. Tuesday. However, the intersection will not reopen the same day since roadway restoration is the next issue they will tackle.

The flow of water began at about 10 p.m. and stopped approximately half an hour later.

NBC10 Boston's Sky Ranger helicopter was over the scene, where the roadways were seen underwater.

Roads sustained major damage and six buildings' basements were flooded, according to Boston firefighters.

Repairs are taking long because of the age of the pipe. Boston Water and Sewer said it was installed in 1875. It was re-lined and rehabilitated in 1996.

The water pipe is located under a gas main, making for a precise and careful operation.

Although officials yet to identify the cause of the water main break, they suspect the pipe's age may have played a factor.

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