Boston City Council

Boston City Council To Consider Income-Adjusted Parking Tickets

Councilor Julia Mejia will present the hearing order on Wednesday

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Boston City Councilor Julia Mejia wants all Bostonians to be able to “smaht-pahk.”

The recently elected councilor at large will present a hearing order on Wednesday to examine the possibility of income-adjusted parking tickets in Boston.

In a recent Twitter video, Mejia used a viral Boston-themed Super Bowl commercial as a launching point for her stance on parking tickets.

“Not everyone can ‘smaht pahk’ their car in the city of Boston. There are a lot of people who are juggling to make their coins meet," Mejia said in the video.

Mejia tweeted the video on Feb. 3 in response to Hyundai’s request to make its Boston-themed Super Bowl ad the official ad for the city. The councilor filed a parody resolution to do just that—but with a few suggestions.

She said that Hyundai might want to help with people’s financial hardships and cover the cost of some parking tickets. Hyundai did not respond to the suggestion.

Mejia’s hearing will examine how income-adjusted parking tickets could create economic empowerment for Boston residents.

Although income-adjusted parking tickets are not common in the United States, similar practices are used in countries like Finland.

Mejia was elected as a councilor at large in 2019 after beating her opponent by a single vote in a recount.

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