Boston Delivery Truck Driver Found Dead in Vt. Remembered as Kind Co-Worker

44-year-old Roberto Fonseca-Rivera is remembered as a dedicated, kind, and reliable co-worker at Katsiroubas Bros. produce company

What to Know

  • Boston delivery driver Roberto Fonseca-Rivera was found dead Friday inside his Katsiroubas Bros. truck on Vermont Route 103 in Rockingham.
  • Vermont State Police say he was shot execution style and that bullets pierced the windshield of the company vehicle.
  • Fonseca-Rivera served time last year for his role in a drug trafficking ring; police say it's too early to say if it's related to his murder

A Boston delivery truck driver who was found dead in his company vehicle in southern Vermont is being remembered as a kind and caring colleague.

Police say 44-year-old Roberto Fonseca-Rivera was murdered while driving for Katsiroubas Bros., a produce company out of Boston's Hyde Park neighborhood that he worked at for the past two years.

Fonseca-Rivera was shot to death execution style in his delivery truck on Friday, police say. Bullets pierced the windshield of the produce truck, which was found on the side of a rural highway Friday evening in Rockingham, Vermont, with Fonseca-Rivera's body inside.

As Vermont authorities work to solve the murder mystery, his co-workers back in Boston are in mourning.

The news was especially devastating to Fonseca-Rivera's boss, company CEO Ted Katsiroubas.

“Thursday morning he was opening the door shaking my hand," Katsiroubas said. "Being a family-run business, you immediately think about his family...I've just always saw him to be a very approachable individual that was caring."

The company posted on social media remembering Fonseca-Rivera as a dedicated, kind and reliable co-worker.

NBC10 Boston has learned that Fonseca-Rivera served time last year after pleading guilty for his role in a drug trafficking ring. He was later hired back at Katsiroubas.

"The second chance thing is something that I believe in," Katsiroubas said.

Vermont State Police say it’s too early to say if Fonseca-Rivera’s criminal history has anything to do with his murder, but those who knew him want answers.

"It's unbelievable. Nobody even thought that this would happen," said good friend Veronica Arias. "He was very gentle, very caring."

"We know what you know at this point," Katsiroubas said of the investigation. "We sincerely hope we'll be able to expedite any search and figure out what happened."

Grief counselors were available Monday at Katsiroubas Bros. and will be available as long as they're needed.

Fonseca-Rivera's family has asked for privacy.

Police in Vermont are asking anyone with video of Route 103 in Rockingham from Friday afternoon to contact them.

The investigation is ongoing.

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