Boston Mayor Walsh Unveils City's New Transportation Future

As Boston's economy and population rapidly expands, the city's transportation system is in need of a major update. On Tuesday, Boston Mayor Marty Walsh unveiled a transportation plan for the future.

"Transportation is the lifeblood of our city," Walsh said.

City leaders believe 'Go Boston 2030' will change the way people travel, bringing more convenience, reliability and safety. The new plan highlights ways to reduce traffic jams, improve access for walkers and cyclists, along with better MBTA service for communities like Mattapan and Dorchester.

There will also be one stop shops called neighborhood mobility microhubs, set up near public transportation, featuring charging stations for electric cars, car share parking, and kiosks that allow riders to pay before boarding a bus.

Walsh says all of this will set the city’s transportation agenda for at least the next decade, including 58 long and short term projects and policies, all developed in collaboration with people who live in Boston. To make this happen, Walsh wants to draw from city, state, and federal funds along with help from non-profits, but for now, says he’s reluctant to give a firm number on the total cost.

"I'm not going to limit myself by giving you a number and then three years from now saying, 'well you said it was going to be two billion and now it's 5 billion'. I'm not going to go there," said Walsh.

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