Boston Police Investigate South End Assault

It's known as the Southwest Corridor — an urban greenway in Boston — and some people who know the area say it can be a place where you need to have your guard up.

"I would not walk in the Southwest Corridor alone at night as a woman," said Deborah Greenberg, who lives in the South End section of the Southwest Corridor. "I don't think it's safe."

Boston Police are looking a man who they say is person of interest in a neighborhood assault early Saturday morning.

Investigators say a woman was walking on the Southwest Corridor when she was attacked from behind at West Canton Street.

She was hit on the head, and the man ran off with her purse.

"I'm not surprised that this happened," said Greenberg. "I think this is a very scary area, I really don't go out after dark alone even walking my dog. I'll walk on my block and that's it."

A woman who says she's the victim of the weekend attack posted on a South End community group on Facebook, "The man struck my head, wrestled me down, and stole my purse, jewelry and phone. He is aggressive and dangerous."

It's believed the man used the victim's credit cards at a couple of convenience stores, and that's how police were able to track down surveillance pictures.

"I don't walk with my head down," said Staci Gilbert, who lives in the neighborhood. "I don't talk on my phone, I'm very aware, if I see something that bothers me I cross the street, or I walk one block longer, go where there's people."

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