Boston Police Officer Accused of Making Racist Video Suspended

A Boston Police officer has been suspended after a controversial video surfaced featuring the words "This summer, black people have met their match."

Officer Joseph DeAngelo Jr. will be suspended for a year and receive additional training in connection with the incident.

NBC Boston obtained a copy of the video that appears to be a movie trailer poking fun at Boston Police officer Dennis Leahy, casting him as the lead of a buddy cop parody.

Leahy was not aware he was in the video, according to police.

In a statement, DeAngelo said his actions were "thoughtless, childish, insensitive, and offensive," and that the video was an attempt to "poke fun" at his co-worker and friend.

"I understand that the video was hurtful to many people and I apologize for my actions," he wrote. "I regret the embarrassment this has caused for the police department and I regret that my actions may very well make our jobs as police officers more difficult."

Department officials say they have determined the other officer who was spoofed had no involvement and will not be punished.

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