Business as Usual for New Englanders After First Snow Storm of the Season

There were not many cars on the street early Sunday morning, but relenteless New Englanders were determined to get back to business as usual after the first snow storm of the season.

Many towns in New England got their fair share. 

In Arlington, Massachusetts, residents woke up to about eight inches of snowfall.

There were mixed emotions about waking up to the snow Sunday morning. You either love it or you hate it. 

The optimists, like Lauren Hurley, were excited.

"I like it because I like the cold and it gives me more Christmas vibes."

There's the pessimists, too, including one man who says it's just the beginning of a long winter.

For those that woke up Sunday and were unhappy to be in the midst of a snowy mess, Richard Khouri at Bagels By Us on Massachusetts Avenue opened early to give you a pick me up.

With the sidwalks clear and room for parking, Khouri was able to open at 5 a.m. instead of 6 a.m. 

Bagels By Us has been in Arlington for 22 years. The owner sells over 50 dozen bagels on a Sunday, so unless he physically can’t get out of his house, he's always there to serve his regulars.

"People will go insane to get one of these bagels. They come from New York. And it’s just a Sunday ritual," Khouri said.

It's a ritual you don't miss because of some snow.

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