Car Crashes in Front Yard of Saugus Home After Police Chase

Neighbors said they were shocked to see police cars racing after a black Dodge Charger outside their homes on Gilway Street, in an otherwise quiet neighborhood

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A man was arrested after crashing his car through the front yard of a home Monday morning in Saugus, Massachusetts.

Neighbors said police cruisers abruptly appeared and blocked off Gilway Street. Shortly after, a Dodge Charger started racing down the street, with more police cars on its tail. The driver of the Charger lost control and went off the road and through someone's front lawn, leaving dug up tire marks behind it.



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The driver then got out of the car with his hands up, neighbors said, as police yelled at him to get on the ground. The neighbors described a tense scene but said they did not see any weapons drawn.

Police were able to take the male driver into custody. Why police were pursuing the man as well as his identity remains unclear.

A driver was apprehended by police Monday morning after crashing a car in the front yard of a home in Saugus, Massachusetts.

The homeowner was in his driveway when the scene unfolded.

"It happened so fast where I couldn't really comprehend it at first," said Foti Andromidas. "I think it was, like, going straight into the house."

With car parts flying and the wheels coming off, the car ended up inches from the home. Andromidas narrowly avoided injury himself, as he was grabbing bags from his car when the Charger sped onto his front lawn.

"Just barely like came through these two trees and, like, landed on the front lawn," he said.

A neighbor's surveillance camera appeared to catch the tail end of the pursuit. It appears to show the car maneuvering around a police car before it ended up going off the road.

"The police got out and they were screaming. I heard all kinds of commotion and I looked out and the guy got out immediately and they put him on the ground and they took him away. It was crazy," said Anthony Bono, who lives across the street.

Bono said he watched the whole scene unfold like a movie playing out before his eyes.

"I got up immediately because I didn't know if gunshots were going to get fired, and I was going to go downstairs and tell my daughter, 'Stay in your room,'" he said.

Lisa Lavargna, who lives nearby said, "It's scary, you don't expect something like that in Saugus, especially on Gilway."

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