Family of 7 Recovering After Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Crews in Lawrence, Massachusetts, are still on scene at a home with elevated carbon monoxide levels.

Latoya Tillberg just got out of the hospital.

"I thank God for saving my entire family. All seven of us could have been fatal," she said.

She's one of seven family members taken to the emergency room because of carbon monoxide poisoning.

Tillberg says they hadn't been feeling well for a couple of days, but when she came home Friday afternoon, everyone was disoriented.

"The headaches, diarrhea, unsteadiness. Everybody was not themselves," she said.

She called 911 and paramedics arrived quickly Friday afternoon.

Firefighters responding to the scene found high levels of carbon monoxide in the Canton Street duplex.

"My bedroom is on the top so like 410 was the number versus 264 on the soon as the firefighters walked in, his alarm started dinging, dinging, dinging... we had to evacuate," Tillberg said.

Firefighters say the furnace malfunctioned, leading to very low levels of oxygen inside the home. All of the exhaust was going right into the home.

"They're going to have all of the equipment replaced before anybody can turn anything on," Tillberg said.

She also says the medical staff at the hospital was surprised they were all alive.

"They could not believe that it's not fatalities, all 7 of us."

The home did have carbon monoxide detectors, but they may not have been working.

Tillberg has this message for other families.

"Get your batteries checked and detectors, make sure they're working. Thank God for everybody."

Firefighters say this was an isolated incident, and it had nothing to do with the wider gas line issues plaguing the city since the gas explosions back in September.

All five adults and two children taken to the hospital Friday should be okay.

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