Cars Submerged as Water Main Break Buckles Boston Road

A 30-inch water main in the city had higher pressure than normal, causing a robust leak that washed out at least a dozen cars, according to officials.

NBC Universal, Inc.

At least a dozen cars were submerged Tuesday night after a major water main break in Boston's South End.

The leak caused the road to buckle near 500 Harrison Ave., flooding streets in the area, fire officials said. Boston Police have the road blocked as repairs are under way. The water is now gone.

"This is going to take a while," Boston Fire Chief Neal Mullane said.

People could be without power for at least 24 hours, according to the Boston Fire Department, as folks remain at home due to the coronavirus pandemic. The water flooded nearby basements, buildings and businesses.

Officials said one of the city’s main 30-inch water lines had higher pressure than normal, which caused the leak to be so robust. The Boston Water and Sewer Commission is investigating brown water in other locations.

Footage from NBC10 Boston's SkyRanger showed vehicles underwater on Harrison Avenue.

Police asked the public to avoid the area of Harrison Avenue between East Berkeley Street and Randolph Street.

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