CHART: See How Gas Prices Are Rising in Mass.

Gas costs more than a dollar per gallon more than it did a year ago

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The cost of filling up the tank keeps going up and up, both in Massachusetts and nationwide, as gas prices keep reaching record levels.

On Monday, the Bay State hit a record high of $4.39 per gallon, and that price had already risen by more than a nickel by Wednesday, staying above the national average -- and gas prices are as high as they've ever been since AAA started keeping track of them in 2000, the association told NBC News. In fact, gas costs more than a dollar per gallon more than it did a year ago.

See how fast gas prices have risen in Massachusetts, and how they compare to the national average, in this chart based on AAA data:

One person got in line as early as 9:30 p.m. Thursday for “April Fuel’s Day,” a promotion to give away thousands of gallons of gasoline Friday morning.

What's to blame for the high prices? Industry analysts say that Russia's invasion of Ukraine -- two oil-producing nations -- has driven up prices, along with sanctions placed by Western nations on Russia.

Drivers hoping to limit their spending on gas do have some options, including these tips on increasing gas mileage.

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