Clearing Trend for Most of New England Despite Lingering Flurries

Snow continues to fall on the western slopes of our New England mountains, keeping plow crews busy and adding to storm total accumulations.

With cold air streaming in aloft, the atmosphere has become unstable – a difference between relatively warm surface air and cold air aloft – favoring cloud development.

In an unstable atmosphere, each energetic disturbance that passes aloft has the opportunity to generate bubbling clouds. Waves of flurries and light snow showers have been detaching from the mountains occasionally, running all the way to the coast.

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On Outer Cape Cod, flurries will continue to be enhanced by the warmer ocean waters into the early evening. However, most of the remainder of New England starts a clearing trend Friday evening that happens last in the mountains but leads the vast majority of the six-state region to a sunny stretch this weekend.

The dry air ensuring weekend sun is cold by nature, streaming south from Canada, and will hold weekend daytime highs in the 20s with wind chill values Friday and Saturday in the teens at the warmest time of the day.

A big storm sweeping the Eastern United States this weekend will very likely be deflected south of New England, around the periphery of our dry air. This will leave us with sunshine, wispy clouds and dry skin with chapped lips and static electric shocks on light switches from the exceptionally, bone-dry air.

Right now, incredibly, even next week looks fairly tranquil and cool until perhaps a storm comes calling toward the end of the First Alert 10-day forecast next weekend, though that’s a long way out. We’ll keep you posted.

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