Cold Resumes, Along With Some Snow

Well, that was a change of pace. With a high of 36 today, Boston recorded its first 'normal high' in over two weeks. We've been on a tear since the last cold snap on the 14th.

Now that winter is resuming, the snow is hot on our heels. A band of steady snow is stretched out over Lake Michigan right now. It looks feeble and weak, but as it passes off to our southeast, it should get a boost from the ocean and 'throw back' some decent bands of snow on the South Shore into Wednesday morning. It's here that I've hit the numbers a little hard than in other spots. Although I'm thinking a general 1-3" of snow, 3-5" is possible South of Boston and west of Rt. 3. Places like Bridgewater, Brockton and Middleboro should be close to 5".

As the storm wraps on Wednesday, the sun should return by afternoon. Without a lot of cold in place, highs should quickly recover to near (or slightly above) 40. Lots of melting and puddles. It'll all refreeze by Wednesday night, so beware.

Cold will spill in late week, but it's not bitter or brutal. Highs will be very February-like as we go from teens in the morning to upper 20s in the afternoon.

Quieter into the weekend, but there may be another storm brewing by Monday. We'll keep our guard up.

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