Cool Air Digs In

Thursday wasn't a total face plant, but it may look like a dazzler compared to Saturday's forecast.

Before we get there, let's talk about the lead in to that forecast. A cool front is gliding across New England tonight. Today's showers were tagging along for the ride. We'll squeak a decent day in tomorrow as the moisture thins out along the front, but disappointingly, it will slow to a crawl south of Long Island by Friday night - and that's the issue for the weekend.

Think of this stalled front as a straw...and the rain now in the Ohio Valley as the drink. Give it enough time (and we will), it will draw up moisture now stewing in that area and bring it into the Northeast. Low pressure is there to focus and intensify the rain, and then we have a storm on our hands.

The issue becomes how much of this rain will swell into New England. I'm not painting the best picture for Saturday, but I don't think we'll ALL be washed out either. Rain should reach as far north as the Mass. Pike, but no farther. Winds will increase with gusts to 30-35mph along the coast (what month is this??) south of Boston. With a broad wind field, I really think the showers will be more intermittent and ragged around the storm (rather than sequestered to the Cape/Islands). That said, the Cape/Islands/Buzzards Bay won't be pretty. It's a solid windswept washout there on Saturday.

Sunday improves, but just in the sun department. Highs still in the low/mid 70s as we finish out a coolish weekend.

Warmer weather is out there, you just have to "wait for it". 80s resume by the middle of next week.

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