Stormy Skies for the Evening Commute

Mild air is surging north into New England today ahead of a storm center traveling a familiar path this season — through the Great Lakes and into Southern Canada.

This path is part of a persistent weather pattern that has consistently delivered swings of warm and cool air, separated by a few days at a time, and shots of rain and mountain snow along the way.

After tonight’s storm passage, the weather pattern changes to cooler temperatures with continued chances for unsettled weather, spelling chances for rain and snow ahead.

Rain overnight will fall heavily at times after starting as showers this afternoon and evening, and a late evening and overnight southerly wind will crank in excess of 40 mph gusts — even briefly gusting over 50 mph on Cape Cod and the Maine Mid-coast — resulting in a few power outages here and there.

Rain departs prior to sunrise Wednesday for most, and after a mild start of 55 to 60 degrees, temperatures will fall through the 40s during the day.

Thursday and Friday will mark decidedly cooler weather, but with the storm path not far to our southeast over the ocean, we’ll watch Friday evening into Saturday for a chance of light snow or snow showers, perhaps with some light accumulation in spots.

Another storm chance arises Tuesday of next week and could contain both rain and snow in our exclusive Early Warning Weather 10-day.

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