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Cooling Relief in Place After Temps Scorch New England

Cooling relief is slowly but steadily spilling south across New England.

Already it's in place for the Great North Woods and touching off scattered showers, downpours and thunder on its leading edge as it seeps into Central and Southern New England. These showers begin Thursday afternoon through the evening, upending the humid warmth.


In-depth news coverage of the Greater Boston Area.

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Thaw Continues Ahead of Weekend Storm

Although rain will fall heavily for a brief while, a significant and damaging thunderstorm event is not expected. Such a thunderstorm was seen Wednesday evening in the far North Country, though.

Overnight, new air takes hold with the first comfortable night for sleeping in a while. This fresh air will arrive last to the South Coast but firmly in place by morning.

Friday and Saturday will see highs in the 70s – coolest at the eastern seashores with an onshore wind – and the new air will promote plenty of bubbling clouds. The clouds will especially be seen inland on both days and could yield a sprinkle.

Warmth begins its return Sunday, and while this should also produce clouds and a possible isolated shower, no impactful rain is forecast.

By Labor Day, high temperatures return to nearly 90 degrees with temperatures holding at least in the 80s for most of next week in the exclusive Early Warning Weather 10-day forecast.

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