Could Doyle's Be Returning to Jamaica Plain?

There's a move afoot to save the iconic Boston dining and drinking spot

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Last fall, an iconic Boston dining and drinking spot closed its doors, and while it looked like the closure might be permanent, we have now learned that there may be just a glimmer of hope that the place could be returning.

According to a message sent from Universal Hub, there is a proposal underway to bring back Doyle's in Jamaica Plain, with a community meeting notice from the Save Doyle's Cafe Facebook page saying the following:

There is a proposal on the table for a revived Doyle's which would include a pub/restaurant and a community room. We've even heard that the road race would some day be revived. Hard to imagine at this particular moment in time, but certainly a ritual that would be great to resume.

The notice says that a meeting on the proposal is slated to take place in the Doyle's parking lot on Oct. 1.

Doyle's Cafe first opened back in 1882, with the restaurant and bar being a popular hangout for politicians, celebrities, tourists, and locals alike over the years. The place, which closed last October, was located at 3484 Washington Street.

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Doyle's Cafe in Jamaica Plain Has Closed

by Marc Hurwitz (Also follow us on Twitter at @hiddenboston)

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