Coyote Attacks on Dogs Prompt Police Warning

A trail in the woods that leads to a coyote's den in Concord, Massachusetts, is now closed after four dogs were attacked in the last few days.

"I think they're entering the wildlife habitat of these creatures, and quite frankly, I think they've been quite disrespectful to these creatures," said Susannah Kay, who lives along the property. "And now they have a mother creature with babies who's responding the way a normal mother would to defend her territory."

Four dogs have been attacked by the same coyote.

"There's been injuries where the coyote has bitten the dogs in their rear-quarters," said Concord Police Chief Joseph O'Connor. "They sustained some lacerations and puncture wounds."

The den is on private property off of Estabrook Road, but dog walkers have been allowed to use the path. Property owners say the vast woods have become a popular place for dogs to run free.

Police say all four dogs that were bitten were off leash when they approached the den.

The mother coyote, defending her pups, attacked and chased the dogs until they left the area.

"It was encroached upon to such a degree she came out to defend her pups," said Kay.

Residents who own part of the property put up a sign Friday evening marking the trail closed.

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