Charlene Casey

Jury Deliberating Charges Against Woman in South Boston Crash That Killed Toddler

Closing arguments were made Tuesday, with the defense arguing that Charlene Casey acted reasonably in the crash that killed 2-year-old Colin McGrath and the prosecution arguing she drove negligently

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The prosecution and defense made closing arguments Tuesday in the trial of a woman accused of causing a 2018 crash in South Boston that killed a toddler, and a jury began deliberating.

Charlene Casey, 67, is accused of motor vehicle homicide in the crash that killed 2-year-old Colin McGrath and seriously injured his 4-year-old sister, Sloane.

In Suffolk Superior Court Tuesday, the defense called witnesses to the stand, including Kevin Bui, who said that he waved Casey through the intersection on the day of the crash. He said they made eye contact. Then, he said he waved to her to go, she nudged out and then hit the van that would ultimately hit the children.

"All of a sudden, the van came out of nowhere," he said. "It had to be going at least 20 miles over the speed limit."

Bui said "absolutely not" when the defense asked if he would've waived Casey through the intersection if he had he seen the van.

After Bui's testimony, jurors left the courtroom to view the scene. When they returned, closing arguments began, with the defense arguing that Casey acted reasonably and that all accidents don't necessarily involve negligence.

The prosecution countered that Casey did drive negligently, and called what happened a disaster.

Prosecutors allege Casey was behind the wheel of her Prius on East Sixth Street, stopped at the intersection with L Street, when a southbound driver on L Street waved her through the intersection. But, the intersection is only a two way stop, and the van driving northbound did not have a stop sign.

Investigators allege Casey’s Prius crashed into the van, causing it to lose its steering and sending it hurtling toward the sidewalk on L Street. A caretaker was pushing Colin McGrath in his stroller, with his sister walking alongside them, when the van Casey’s car hit jumped the curb and struck all three of them on the sidewalk.

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