Dog Seen Wandering Along Massachusetts Turnpike Returned Safely to Owner

A lost dog that was spotted wandering along the Massachusetts Turnpike last week, has been happily reunited with his owner.

The dog, named Indy, went missing Oct. 16 on Comm. Ave. in Boston around 1:30 p.m. Video showed him running along I-90 later that evening.

On Thursday, Missing Dogs Massachusetts posted that Indy was spotted at Boston University on Storrow Drive and then a short time later at Harvard Stadium. He then traveled east where he ended up at the Tudor Street Dog Park in Cambridgeport.

Someone at the park who did not know Indy was missing let him inside and secured him with a leash.

Indy was then reunited with his owner Lauren, thanks to countless people who hung flyers and called in sightings.

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