Dog That Went Missing After Crash on I-95 in Maine Has Been Found

'Whiskey' was weak and shaking when he was found on I-95 in York, but otherwise he appeared to be uninjured, Maine officials said

Maine Department of Public Safety

A dog has been found several days after he went missing following a highway crash in Ogunquit, Maine.

"Whiskey" went missing Wednesday morning after a pickup track and tractor-trailer crashed near mile marker 14 on Interstate 95 northbound. The pickup was carrying a steel cage with 10 dogs in the back at the time of the crash, and the collision resulted in one dog dying and several others getting loose, including Whiskey.

Some of the dogs had wandered as far as Wells before they were found and later reunited with the pickup driver. Whiskey was the lone dog who remained missing, though, prompting the Ogunquit Fire Department to asked anyone who spotted him to call 911.

Around 8 p.m. Saturday, two motorists called the Augusta Regional Communications Center to report they had seen a dog, possibly Whiskey, around mile marker 11 on I-95 northbound in York, according to the Maine Department of Public Safety.

Maine State Police Trooper Matthew Williams began searching the area, using his cruiser lights and a flashlight to light up the wood line. He eventually spotted a couple eyes shining back at him from the woods, and he was able to see Whiskey's head through the tall grass once he stopped his cruiser. The dog then began howling at him as Williams approached.

Whiskey was weak and shaking but appeared to be uninjured otherwise. Williams took Whiskey back to his cruiser where he gave him food and water, and the dog was eventually turned over to Ogunquit police and animal control where he will be care for until he is reunited with his owner.

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