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Drier Air and Sunshine Returns

Though it was a cold front that passed with a bit of rain and mountain snow last night, the air behind the front is not immediately colder. But it is drier, so with plenty of sunshine today, the high temperature reaches 50 degrees south, 40s north, to upper 30s at the Canadian border.

In the mountains a few clouds and passing flurry may linger for a while. Wind is from the west and northwest 10 to 20 miles an hour with a few higher gusts.

High pressure coming through the Great Lakes will push colder air back in tonight, with a mostly clear sky temperatures will fall to seasonable levels in the 20s north to low 30s south.

High pressure settles over New England for the most part through the weekend until early next week. That means very little change day to day with sunshine, mixed with a few fair-weather clouds, high temperatures in the 40s, 30s well north. With mostly clear sky, beautiful big bright nearing full moon at night, low temperature in the teens and 20s.

High pressure gets off shore next week, with the return of warmer air from the south Tuesday, along with clouds a chance of rain before the day is over.

High temperatures Tuesday will push 50 degrees if not a little higher. An energized front separating very warm air along the east coast, from very cold air in the central United States is going to be stalled here on Wednesday with rain, perhaps changing to snow in the mountains as the front slowly eases offshore to the east.

Temperatures Wednesday may be as warm is 60 degrees in eastern New England, and as cool as 35 degrees in western New England.

That sharp contrast will push further east Thursday with colder air for most of the central and eastern United States, including New England.

At the same time we see a series of low pressure systems will be moving out of the Gulf of Mexico and up the eastern seaboard with rain and snow. Timing and placing each wave of low pressure is difficult, but it looks like more significant rain and snow could be in the offing by later next week.

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