‘Eccentric' Suspect in Ex-Boyfriend's Murder ‘Always Kind of an Outsider'

21-year-old Julia Enright of Ashburnham, Mass. has been charged in the death of her ex-boyfriend, 20-year-old Brandon Chicklis

What to Know

  • Prosecutors say 21-year-old Julia Enright killed her ex-boyfriend, 20-year-old Brandon Chicklis.
  • Chicklis was last seen on June 26 as he left his Westminster home to visit his father in Windham, NH. His body was found in Rindge.
  • Chicklis' blood was found in and around Enright's treehouse in Ashburnham, Mass.

Old friends of Julia Enright describe her as "eccentric" — her Facebook page is filled with photos of the 21-year-old who had an interest in skulls.

She worked for a time at Dunkin Donuts in Ashburnham, Massachusetts, where a co-worker says she was very dependable.

She eventually became a phlebotomist for Quest Diagnostics. A company spokesperson declined to comment beyond confirming she was an employee.

"It literally blows my mind," said a high school classmate, who did not want her name reported. "I would never have thought that Julia would even be considered a suspect in this."

In court Tuesday, Enright was charged with murder. She's accused of killing Brandon Chicklis.

The two had dated as young teens, but remained friends. They were also classmates at Montachusett Regional Vocational High School.

"She was always kind of like an outsider," said the classmate who did not want to be identified.

On the weekend when Chicklis vanished in late June, Enright tells investigators the two were together on her family's vast property in Ashburnham, but he left to buy drugs and never came back.

But investigators say that Enright killed Chicklis there, and that blood was found in and around her treehouse.

Chicklis' body was found a few weeks later on the side of a road in Rindge, New Hampshire, about 15 minutes away.

Prosecutors have not revealed how he was killed or how he ended up in Rindge.

"She always climbed trees a lot, so I'm not shocked she had a treehouse," said the classmate. "She's really smart, didn't play any sports, stayed to herself a little bit, only had a couple of friends."

Prosecutors have not given any motive for the murder.

They have also not said if anyone else may be connected to the crime.

Authorities searched Enright's property in Ashburnham last week in connection with the ongoing investigation.

Family members have set up a GoFundMe page to help cover Chicklis' funeral expenses.

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