Emergency Crews Respond to Lawrence Gas Leak

The leak is in the area of Haverhill and Ames streets

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Repairs have been completed in Lawrence, Massachusetts after yet another gas leak was detected in the Merrimack Valley town on Wednesday.

Fire Chief Brian Moriarty said it is bothersome that there is yet another gas leak in the Merrimack Valley, but officials believe this one near the intersection of Haverhill and Ames streets is weather related.

“What we believe has happened, in speaking with the gas company, is that with the weather changing warm and cold, and the rain, we believe that we have had some frost heaves and the old cast iron pipe on Haverhill Street has a crack in it somewhere. We believe they’ve narrowed down the actual spot,” Chief Moriarty said.

Lawrence firefighters got a call earlier Wednesday evening for odor of gas, and they found gas in a man hole on Haverhill St. Fire crews and Columbia crews went door to door to check if gas went into any homes, but fortunately it didn’t.

There has been no loss of gas, no fire and no explosions, according to Moriarty.

Columbia Gas says there is no immediate safety concern and no service disruptions or evacuations are anticipated at this time.

Crews are digging to repair the cracked pipe and they say they don’t plan to leave until it’s completely fixed.

Columbia Gas says they are now halfway through a 10-year effort to replace all the old cast iron pipes in the area. 

In September, a major gas leak caused hundreds of evacuations in Lawrence when city contractors checking water valves "inadvertently closed a gas valve," just over one year after the area was rocked by gas explosions and fires.

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