Endangered Turtles Rehabbing After Being Trapped in Cape Cod Waters

Biologists in Massachusetts are working to save the lives of turtles that became trapped in the cold waters of Cape Cod.

"As the water starts cooling down, they should be starting to migrate down south," said senior biologist Julia Wocial at the New England Aquarium. "Their body and their physiology is made so that they can survive in warm water."

Wocial was helping an Atlantic green sea turtle that was found on the beach on Cape Cod, barely moving, with a body temperature down to 47 degrees.

"We sometimes get sea turtles so hypothermic that we actually don't know if they are dead or alive," she said.

It's important work, as the Atlantic green sea turtle is on the endangered species list.

"We also see Kemp Swidley sea turtles, and these are the most endangered sea turtle species in the world," Wocial said. "Our program sees a lot of them.

If you stumble upon a turtle, don't touch it. Instead, call professionals like the Massachusetts Audubon's Wellfleet Bay Wildlife Sanctuary.

"They have volunteer drivers that bring them to us for rehabilitation," said Wocial.

The aquarium has saved hundreds of turtles, with plans to release them in the wild, keeping the animals from going extinct.

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