Everett Firefighter, Facing Fourth Surgery in Three Weeks, Presses On

Racing into an Everett house fire is how Acting Lt. Scott Dalrymple suffered third and fourth-degree burns to his hands.

“I was in intense pain,” said Dalrymple. “My hands were burning, I was just screaming to get my gloves off.”

Dalrymple and Private Josh Doyon were both hurt in the July 13 fire after arriving to the scene first.

Other firefighters would rescue the woman trapped on an upper floor, but Dalrymple says he would do it all over again.

“These injuries, mine and Josh’s, weren’t in vain,” he said. “At least she’s alive”

The State Fire Marshall is looking into possible fire and building code violation in the building, while Dalrymple is being looked after by his loving family.

He’s schedule for his fourth surgery since the fire on Tuesday. It may not be his last, but the husband, father, grandfather and 25-year veteran says he expects to be back to fighting fires very soon.

“This is a temporary setback, a couple of months off where I have to do therapy and then I’ll be right back!”

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