Fall River

WATCH: Police Hunt Down Domestic Violence Suspect in Mass. Woods

State police released the video showing a K-9 track down a suspected abuser in the woods in Fall River

Massachusetts State Police Air Wing

Dramatic police footage shows a man, hiding out in the woods of southeast Massachusetts, successfully tracked down and arrested this week.

Massachusetts State Police released the video of Monday's arrest in the Fall River woods on Wednesday.

The suspect had last been seen running across Route 24 near Wilson Road and into the nearby woods, police said in a statement. State police on foot and in the air helped Fall River police track the suspect down.

At times using an infrared camera to show the wanted man's heat signature, the footage shows the suspect hiding in bushes before surrendering to a K-9 officer who police said was directed to the location by officers flying in the sky overhead.

"The MSP Air Wing is a vital asset to local police and other MSP units for its search and overflight capabilities," state police said in a statement.

The suspect was taken into custody and charged by Fall River police, state police said. They did not name the man who was arrested or say what he was accused of.

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