Father: Soldier Shot in Neck Saved by Brother

The reason Army Specialist Joshua Keller is still alive is his twin brother, Zachary

A New Hampshire soldier is fighting for his life six days after he was shot in the neck by a fellow soldier in a tragic accident.

In an interview you’ll only hear on NBC Boston, that soldier’s father explains the reason his son, Army Specialist Joshua Keller, is still alive is his twin brother, Zachary.

The two grew up in Hudson. They did everything together, so it’s no surprise that in Joshua’s darkest hour, Zach was the first one by his side.

“I am so proud of Zachary for what he did. I’m proud of Joshua for fighting,” said their dad Matt Keller.

Keller spoke to NBC Boston from a Washington state hospital, where his 23-year-old son is fighting to survive following an incident at his West Coast Army base. Keller says Josh and Zach were heading to the shooting range when one of their Army buddies accidentally fired his gun and hit Josh in the neck.

“Zachary checked his pulse, saw there was none, and administered lifesaving CPR,” Keller explained.

Zach was the one who kept his brother alive until paramedics arrived - a skill he learned from close family friends at the Hudson Police Department.

“The work Zach performed in saving Josh is a testament to his character,” explained Capt. Bill Avery.

Avery watched the boys grow up, graduate from Alvirne High in 2012, then enlist in the United States Army.

“Not only are they twins, but they are best of friends,” Avery said. “Josh is a very resilient person and he will come through it.”

Josh’s dad is just as confident, saying his son has already beaten the odds.

“I don’t know anybody that’s ever survived a wound like that,” Keller said. “He’s always had a stubborn streak. At times when he was growing up, that was frustrating, but right now, I am so thankful he is stubborn and doesn’t quit."

Josh still isn’t breathing on his own, but he’s making progress through small miracles every day.

“By the grace of God, the prayers of thousands of people, our son’s alive,” Keller said.

The Kellers say they are overwhelmed by the outpouring of support from friends, family and even complete strangers.

The soldier who shot Josh was arraigned this week on a second degree assault charge.

To help the Keller family, follow this link. 

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