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February Warm-Up Continues

Just when we thought February wasn't going to be too bad, the forecast models slammed on the brakes. We've only recorded 2.2 inches of snow at Logan Airport, one of the least snowy Februaries this decade.

If you want warm weather, fear not, we are expecting that, too, over the next 10 days. But if you hopped on social media, you've probably seen posts about snow this weekend. We are still four days away, and Monday, snow wasn't even a dream. However, it is possible that the forecast models will continue to trend in the direction of snow for the weekend.

What happened to our cooler, quiet weekend? Well, the cold front, which moves through on Friday could stall just to our east. A little wave of low pressure may develop off of New Jersey and then ride up the coast along the front. If that happens, snow would be possible Saturday night and early Sunday morning.

As I mentioned, if you like warmer weather, don't be too worried. We are expecting our fair share of temperatures in the 50s. Our first shot at 50 degrees will be Valentine's Day. Thursday will be even warmer, with high temperatures in the mid 50s with showers.

Once we get past the weekend, 50s are likely the next week. Monday, Tuesday and Thursday look quite mild. At the rate we are going, it appears we will end the month with temperatures significantly above average. Does that mean we will pay the price for that warm-up in March? We shall see!

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