Feel of Winter to Return With Showers in Southern New England

We woke up to showers that occurred overnight, now we can look forward to a possible bump in temps

What to Know

  • Northern New Hampshire and northwest Maine valleys can expect periodic freezing rain showers.
  • We may see a bump in temperatures thanks to an increasing southwest wind on Friday.
  • That same southwest wind will clear the sky and allow a flow of chilly Canadian air to the region.

Slick spots quickly melting away for most of Thursday morning remained stubborn in valleys of northern New England, where a few northern New Hampshire and northwest Maine valleys will see periodic freezing rain showers all the way through Friday morning.

For the vast majority of New England, milder air won’t shake the cool and clammy feeling. However, we will at least bump temperatures above the melting point to nearly 40 degrees. This will ensure showers will be plain with no renewed icing Thursday overnight and Friday morning.

An increasing southwest wind Friday will probably briefly bump temperatures into the 50s in Southern New England with 40s farther north before a cold front crosses the region Friday afternoon. This will simultaneously clear the sky while opening the door to a flow of new, chilly, Canadian air.

The feel of winter returns from Friday night through the weekend, with daytime highs knocked back into the 30s. While cold air would set the stage for snow if a developing storm from the nation’s midsection were to come close enough, it looks likely that the storm path will remain south of New England, like so many other snow producers this season.

Now, coincidentally given this year’s winter weather pattern, the next chance of a storm is just 30 hours later. Later Tuesday into Wednesday, the system may actually move far enough north to deliver a wintry mix changing to rain showers.

Temperatures are likely to hang near normal toward the end of our exclusive First Alert 10-day forecast.

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