Firefighter Rescues Toddler From Partially Submerged Vehicle in Chelsea

A Massachusetts firefighter found himself rescuing a toddler from a partially submerged vehicle in Chelsea Sunday morning.

Chelsea Fire received a call at about 9 a.m. for a vehicle stuck in the water on Vale Street with a mother and child inside. The water levels were so high they reached waist-deep.

When crews arrived, the mother had gotten herself out of the vehicle but her two-year-old was still stuck due to water entering through the car window. Authorities say cones were blocking off the area, but the driver continued. The weight of the water made it hard for the driver to open the door once the car stalled. A female passenger was able to make it out and call 911.

Fire Captain Bob Brown led the rescue effort as firefighter Brian Bermudez put on a water rescue suit, and waded through the flood waters. Bermudez was able to get the child out of the vehicle and carried him to safety.

Captain Brown says this was a very dangerous situation that fortunately ended with no injuries.

“Luckily the infant was in a car seat so he was high up enough where the waters didn’t actually reach him,” Brown explained.

Fire officials said Vale Street floods frequently after heavy rainfall and people often get stuck.

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