New England

FIRST ALERT: Heat Emergency in Effect Across Region

The much-advertised heat is well underway across New England. 

Our NBC10 Boston and NECN Weather Team continues our First Alert through the weekend for a dangerous combination of heat and humidity, boosting temperatures to nearly 100 degrees and heat index values – or, “feels like temperatures” – to near 110°. 

Some basic tips for extreme heat include the obvious: stay hydrated, seek relief in air conditioning whenever possible and wear lightweight, light-color clothing.  But there are other tips that can help, too: keep in mind noon to 5 PM are the worst times for heat and heat index, so activity should be curtailed during especially these times.  Check on those who may be battling an illness, are elderly or not in the best physical shape, because the weather will put a strain on the body. 

If you or someone you know, even if you are in good physical shape, are showing signs of dehydration like headaches or dry mouth, or are experiencing muscle cramping or fatigue, take some time to rest, cool off and drink water.  These tips apply both to Saturday and Sunday, though Sunday will likely put a greater stress on the body for those without air conditioning, since the Saturday night temperature is expected to remain warm, not affording the body much significant rest or recuperation. 

An isolated thunderstorm may develop Saturday late day and evening, particularly in Western New England, and could feed off the heat and humidity, but we do expect very isolated storms at worst. 

Sunday afternoon and evening may bring a few more storms in more of a scattered nature as the atmosphere gets ready to change, and Monday won’t be as hot, will be somewhat less humid and will bring scattered showers and thunderstorms as the air changes. 

Behind the slow-moving cold front that may leave some showers lingering in Southern New England into Tuesday, new, fresh air will arrive for the remainder of next week, with even next weekend looking good though warmer in our exclusive First Alert 10-day forecast.

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