Food Truck Friday: A Famous Presence in Boston's Food Culture

Bon Me is one of the most well-known food trucks in Boston, and for good reason. Their Asian menu has something for everyone and they're constantly growing.

Mobile Operations Manager Erin Maher said, "Bon Me is bold, fresh and fun Asian cuisine."

The truck and restaurant business started in 2010, when duo Patrick Lynch and Ali Fong entered Boston's Food Truck Contest and won. They opened their first truck in 2011 and have since expanded to eight food trucks, two carts and six restaurants all throughout Boston.

You'll find their take on the classic Vietnamese bánh mì, fresh rice bowls and salads, as well as various noodles.

Maher said, "Actually, we just started our new vegan summer menu, which has been great. I'm a vegetarian, so it's awesome to have more options on the truck.

She added that people should try Bon Me because it's a chance to try out a food that you otherwise may never have touched.

For a full list of locations and schedules, you can visit their website.

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