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New England Has Felt 4 Earthquakes in As Many Weeks. Here's Where

If you watched our NBC10 Boston and NECN morning show Monday, you saw the update: another earthquake has rumbled in New England.  In fact, Sunday evening’s quake at 5:44 PM measured a 2.2 magnitude with an epicenter in Sabattus, Maine, just outside of Lewiston.  

The quake was felt through the Lewiston area as a light shaking, as was an aftershock!  Just 17 minutes after the primary quake, a magnitude 1.5 aftershock rumbled in the same spot. 

This comes on the heels of a quake last Monday, February 17, in Albany, New Hampshire, not far from Conway, that registered a magnitude of 1.9 in the northeast part of the Granite State. 

On Wednesday, February 12, a magnitude 1.8 earthquake rumbled in Enosburg Falls, Vermont, and back on Sunday, January 26, a magnitude 1.0 quake was barely felt in Calais, Maine, in the eastern tip of the Pine Tree State. 

Put this all together along with five earthquakes in the St. Lawrence River Valley in Canada and southern Quebec, and it’s been a busy month! 

Four earthquakes in four weeks in New England (plus one aftershock) and nine if we include Southern Canada. 

As our First Alert Team has noted before, none of this indicates a larger earthquake is necessarily approaching – we’ve seen active periods like this before that come and go – but it certainly is enough to keep us on our toes and extra-sensitive to motion around us!

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