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From Pessimism to Positivity: Tips to Shift Your Mindset And Spring into Spring

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No matter how you cut it, the pandemic is brutal on everyone. We've all experienced loss in one form or another. We wanted to get some tips on how to position ourselves for positivity as we head into spring.

 So, we turned to Meaghan B. Murphy, who’s out with her new book,  Your Fully Charged Life.



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 Acceptance First

“First is to accept that things have been hard and to cry it out if you need to. I've been known to cry in the shower or to hide in the closet for a minute of alone. We have to accept that this is not an easy time. And that's OK. That doesn't make you negative. That makes you human,” insists Murphy.

But you can also flip the script.

 “Laughing it out also can be awesome. I mean, there's a …cliché, ‘Laughter is the best medicine.’ I mean, it is physically and mentally a really incredible release, right? So, put on that comedy. Look at that funny meme, whatever it takes to just trigger that laughter and to release some of that negative energy,” she says.

 Finding Purpose

Murphy says focusing on something other than ourselves is critical. She adds, “There's no real accident and there's been this pandemic puppy craze. We need to be needed. We need to care for someone or something. And in some instances, a puppy is the ultimate solution or

 houseplant, maybe a houseplant. Just needing to be needed can really boost the happiness needle. It's really important.”

 Murphy’s book is filled with tips and stories about changing your framework from one of pessimism to positivity, but she has one number one tip: “that an attitude of gratitude really is the secret sauce in life.”

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