Man Dies Weeks After Stabbing

A 28-year-old man who was stabbed last month in Haverhill, Massachusetts, has passed away.

Joe Sabatino was at a loss for words following the death of his youngest son, Matthew Sabatino, who spent weeks fighting for his life.

"He fought for a long time, fought hard," he said.

Matthew Sabatino was stabbed on May 28 as he rushed to help a friend in need. It was a tragic end to a double date for Sabatino, his fiancé and two friends.

"They were out celebrating, they don't get out much," Joe Sabatino said. "He walked into a situation he knew nothing about, just walked into it, didn't have a chance."

Matthew Sabatino leaves behind two young children.

Hayden Delafuente was arrested, initially charged with assault and battery. According to the Essex County District Attorney's Office, those charges could be elevated to include murder.

"He would have done anything for anybody, he just would have, a great kid," Joe Sabatino said. "He turned his life around, and he became a great man, a great father, and we are just heartbroken."

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