‘Heard a Loud Bang': Stray Bullet Flies Into Mission Hill Apartment

After shots were fired near the Stop & Shop in Boston's Jamaica Plain neighborhood, a bullet went into an apartment less than half a mile away in Mission Hill

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A pair of roommates in Boston had a close call when a stray bullet went into their apartment.

Shots were fired near the Stop & Shop on Centre Street in Jamaica Plain. Less than half a mile away, Gabriella Gucagite was warming up a burrito in the kitchen of her Mission Hill apartment when a bullet flew right by her.

"In the moment, I opened the microwave door, we heard a loud bang, and just, like, glass," she recalled.

Gucagaite and her roommate, Kathryn Cleary, said they heard a series of six to 10 gunshots before the bullet hit their window and went through their kitchen wall.

"I mostly just realized that the sensation was coming from my back, so I just turned around, and there was a hole in the window," said Cleary.

The pair believe the bullet may have come from a shooting that took place around the same time less than half a mile down the hill, where police were seen around 8 p.m. collecting ballistic evidence after reports of shots fired.

Police said no one was hurt, including the two roommates.

"It was never something I would have to be worried about, and today, I may be worried about it a little bit," said Gucagaite.

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