‘Heartbroken': Taunton Couple's Belongings Disappear After Movers Hired

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This was set to be an exciting new chapter for John and Deborah Simmons. Instead, it is a nightmare as they wonder if they'll ever see most of their belongings again.

"It wouldn't be too bad if we knew everything was going to be in Florida, but it's in limbo, makes it harder," John Simmons said.

The couple say everything was going great when movers showed up on July 31. Deborah Simmons flew down to Florida to meet the movers. They didn't show. She says they missed several other deadlines, as well.

"I am just heartbroken," she said. "You have no clue if you are ever going to see your stuff again."

The Simmons say they hired one moving company, which subcontracted a second company, with that company showing up in a Penske van.

John Simmons said in the excitement of the movers being there, he took two pictures of the truck. Those pictures are now key parts of the puzzle of what may have happened to their stuff.

Penske tells NBC10 Boston the truck in question had been rented out, and its security department has been in touch with law enforcement after reviewing the Simmons' pictures. The company adds that right now, it assumes the truck has been stolen.

NBC10 Boston called a number Simmons had for a dispatcher, who said the company has 21 days to move the Simmons stuff.

The dispatcher hung up when we started asking more detailed questions.

"I am holding it right this minute, but most of the time, I am not," Deborah Simmons said. "I am just heartbroken."

The Simmons say they are holding out some hope their belongings will eventually make it to Florida, but overall, they are not confident, considering all that has happened.

"We are just feeling empty right now. What else can you do?" Simmons said. "Memories, we will hopefully always have those, it is just a real slap in the face to have everything that really meant anything to us gone."

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