Heat, Humidity Rises Bringing on Evening Storms

Clouds are building once again with a chance of showers and thunderstorms this afternoon.

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We have a very busy weather map, though we start off quiet this morning, clouds are building once again with a chance of showers and thunderstorms this afternoon.

It’s the same frontal boundary as yesterday, with another batch of energy coming in from the west. But today is a little less hot and the thunderstorm should be a little less severe and widespread. Nonetheless there could be some damaging storms especially toward dinner time. High temperatures today mostly in the 80s with high humidity, a heat advisory remains in effect in Southern New England.

The front settles a little bit more to the south overnight, with much cooler air coming into Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine, and portions of Southern New England too. That means some fog and drizzle tomorrow, mostly cloudy skies and maybe some more thunderstorms in the afternoon.

On Friday we turn our attention to tropical cyclone Elsa, now making landfall in Florida this morning.

Also will diminish in intensity crossing Georgia, South Carolina and North Carolina tonight and tomorrow.

What will likely be tropical depression and Elsa on the beach in Virginia tomorrow night, will possibly re-intensify into a tropical storm as it tracks very close to Cape Cod and the Islands Friday afternoon.

It’s a compact storm and the heaviest wind should be near the center of the storm, and often on these systems, only on the east and south side do we see the real damaging wind. That may happen on parts of Cape Cod and the Islands, the track is not etched in stone, and bears very close eyes.

Even if Elsa was not coming our way the forecast would be for more rain, as a front is stalled here and there will be more energy coming along during Friday, so there will be rain well away from the center of Elsa also. When we add up this afternoon‘s rain, plus tomorrow, plus Friday, amounts of 3 inches or more are possible in many locations. That gets some parts of New England close to 8 inches so far this month. It’s one of the wettest starts to the month of July on record here in New England.

Needless to say, we will have to watch out for flash flooding in areas of heaviest rain.

The front stalls along the south coast for the weekend also, with a chance of some more showers. Saturday is probably in the low 70s, then brighter on Sunday with temperatures back into the 80s. Stay tuned to our first alert 10 day forecast for all the updates in this volatile weather pattern.

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