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Hurricane Dorian Expected to Impact Travel to Florida Over Holiday Weekend

Hurricane Dorian is expected to cause problems for travelers up and down the East Coast during the Labor Day holiday.

The storm, now a Category 1 hurricane, is expected to slam into Florida as a major Category 4 storm on Monday. As of Thursday, New England looks unlikely to take a hit from Dorian, and flights to Florida have been on time, but that is likely to change over the weekend, once the storm settles over Florida. 

Josue Lopez had to change his flight to San Juan, Puerto Rico, twice to miss the storm, and he is "checking the news all the time."

The storm only grazed the island, where Lopez has family, something he is thanking God for. His life changed after Hurricane Maria pummelled Puerto Rico in 2017 — he didn't hear from his family for three months.

Meghan Harris is flying to Orlando, and her anxiety is rising as Florida prepares for Dorian's impact.

"I'm really nervous about it, I'm hoping it doesn't get there. I'm just trying to get to my family right now, I just hope they're okay," she said.

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