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It Looks Like Boston's $100M Aerial Gondola Isn't Going to Fly

Millennium Partners made a splash when it initially floated the idea of an aerial gondola that would transport thousands of commuters from South Station to a Millennium-developed office campus in Boston’s Seaport District. Millennium officials even set up a full-scale model unit in the Seaport so politicians and legislators could get a firsthand look at the concept, and the company indicated it would be willing to foot the $100 million bill for the system.

But Millennium has shifted its focus away from the aerial tramway, according to a source with knowledge of the plans. Instead, the firm is throwing its support behind the city of Boston’s Seaport transportation study — which is primarily focused on bus transit.

“We support the City of Boston’s study into the appropriate transportation methods for the district and welcome the Seaport strategic transportation plan, which is ongoing,” said Jacob Citrin, who is managing the Seaport development locally — and is also the son-in-law of Millennium Partners chief executive Chris Jeffries. “We have committed to support the recommendations of this study.”

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