Rep. Joe Kennedy Confirms He's Considering 2020 Run for Senate

Democratic Rep. Joe Kennedy III on Monday confirmed rumors he is considering a run for Senate in 2020.  

"Over the past few weeks I've begun to consider a run for the U.S. Senate," Kennedy said in a Facebook post. 

Kennedy on Monday morning filed a statement of organization with the Federal Election Commission creating a Senate campaign committee, the State House News Agency reported.

Speculation has ramped up in recent weeks that Kennedy, one of the last members of his family's political dynasty, could challenge Sen. Ed Markey in a Democratic primary.  

Kennedy, the grandson of the late Robert F. Kennedy, said his first consideration in making the decision was how a Senate run would impact his two young children. 

"I haven't reached a decision yet — that's the truth. I'm thinking about what I have to offer Massachusetts voters, what is most important in this political moment, and what kind of party Democrats need to be building for the future."

The 38-year-old pushed back against the idea that it wasn't his "turn" to run.  

"With due respect — I'm not sure this is a moment for waiting," he said. "Our system has been letting down a lot of people for a long time, and we can't fix it if we don't challenge it. I've got some ideas on how to do that. And I don’t think our democratic process promises anyone a turn.

"What it does promise is the chance for anyone to earn it — if we think we have something to offer and are willing to put ourselves and our ideas out there." 

Val Frias created the "Jump in, Joe" Facebook page and a website to encourage him.

"We need you now, congressman," she said Monday. "He has that sort of visibility and that power of persuasion that we need in the Senate right now."

Political analyst Tom Whalen said he has no question that Kennedy will take on Markey, but it will be hard. Monday, the Markey Senate campaign released a new video to highlight his support.

Markey has teamed up with younger members of Congress like Rep. Alexandria Oscasio-Cortez, which could help him with younger voters — especially when he shares similar policies with the younger Kennedy.

"It should be a pretty tough race, all things considered, because Ed Markey, apparently, does not want to go gently into the night, politically," Whalen said.

Kennedy is in his fourth term in the U.S. House and had previously indicated plans to seek re-election next year.

Markey is 73 and running for a second full term in the Senate after serving for more than three decades in the House.

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