Judge Considering Plea Deal in Deadly Sweet Tomatoes Crash

The driver accused of crashing his car into a Sweet Tomatoes restaurant killing two people again faced a judge on Monday.

The defense made another plea for no jail time for Brad Cassler, and, despite saying it is open to a plea deal, there was no guilty plea at the end of the hearing.

The families of the victims, who continue to be very emotional, were disappointed they didn't get that closure. 

"It's hard to go through it," said Erika Morin, the widow of Gregory Morin. "Greg is dead and at the end of the day he's going to be dead tomorrow."

Gregory Morin was one of the victims killed in the Newton, Massachusetts crash in March 2016.

His widow spoke alongside the sister of the second victim, Eleanor Miele, who was also killed in the crash.

"This has gone on long enough," Mary Miele said. "The families have suffered enough."

Both victims' families were hoping to hear a guilty plea Monday, but it was not to be.

Tom Giblin, the defense attorney for Cassler, says his client could plead guilty but only if he knows what sentence the judge might hand down, and that includes no jail time.

"He's gonna give us his directive on what he would do if Mr. Cassler would plead guilty and we will make a decision on whether we will plead guilty or whether we will ask for a trial."

Cassler maintains his multiple sclerosis caused the crash. But prosecutors say he should've taken precautions to prevent that such as installing a safety device in his car or restricting his driving.

And the victims' families say Cassler should admit his guilt.

"It needs to be resolved so we can move on and get on with our lives," Mary Miele said.

The parties are due back in court later this month, when there could be a change of plea and a sentence. 

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