Hillary Clinton

Crowdfunders Trying to Create Elizabeth Warren Action Figure

Massachusetts Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren may soon be immortalized as an action figure. 

Design studio FCTRY has launched a Kickstarter campaign seeking $15,000 to create the new action figure. 

According to the Kickstarter page, "The turning point was the day that Liz Warren got silenced by Mitch McConnell on the Senate floor. Right then and there we glimpsed the future; where the far left would become the mainstream." 

FCTRY has created other notable political actions figures, such as ones based on Barack Obama, Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton, and what they call "Evil Trump." 

Some proceeds from the Sanders and Clinton action figures went to the respective campaigns, while some proceeds from "Evil Trump" went to a non-profit that helps immigrants safely cross the Mexican border. 

Notable features of the Warren action figure will include a "Righteous fist to fight for the middle class," a "power blazer to topple the patriarchy" and "one open hand to smack down Trump’s policies."

The campaign is seeking $15,000. As of Tuesday morning it rested at $15,223.

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