Rob Michaelson

Last Day of Sunshine Before Weekend Rain

Friday starts off dry, but clouds quickly overspread the area and thicken up

High pressure that brought areas of frost this morning is now pushing offshore as low pressure starts to approach from Southern Mississippi River Valley.

Renewed flooding is occurring today and parts of Arkansas and Missouri, as well as Illinois, Indiana and Ohio are receiving very heavy rain with flash flooding. 

For the balance of this afternoon we have thin clouds dimming the sunshine in New England, with temperatures in the 60s, a bit cooler at the shore with the light sea breeze. 

Clouds get thicker tonight, but rain holds off until about sunrise in western New England. We’ll see low temperatures in the 40s. 

Rain overspreads New England from southwest to northeast during tomorrow morning through mid-day, last to arrive in Maine by mid-afternoon. 

Rain becomes heavy at times for a late day and evening, with temperatures holding in the 50s. Wind at the shore from the southeast gusting to 30 miles an hour, less windy inland. 

Rain and perhaps a thunderstorm continue tomorrow night, with low temperature holding around 50°, then rising later at night. 

Rainfall amounts over an inch are likely for much of the region by Saturday morning, but it looks like the rain shield is progressive enough that we do not see flooding like the states to our southwest. The exception may be in eastern Maine where more than 2" of rainfall is possible. 

Steady rain shuts off Saturday morning, with mostly cloudy skies and a chance of a few showers, temperatures jumping well into the 60s with high humidity, as wind from the south gusts 20 to 25 mph. 

Low pressure tracks into northern New York Saturday, but it will slow and stall over northern New England Saturday night and Sunday, perhaps even into next week. That means many clouds with scattered showers, but much of our weekend will not be raining. Temperatures will be a bit cooler as we move through Sunday into Monday with highs in the 50s to lower 60s. 

This evolves into an upper level low pressure system will sit and spin over New England with a cool pool a lot. That will create instability in the atmosphere and showers are likely to develop each day with the heating of the sun. Temperatures are going to cool off with highs mostly in the 50s to low 60s next week, and it is cold enough that the mountains may see a little bit of snow near the summits early next week. 

It's a tough call for when we're actually going to get another period of sunshine and warm here, but it looks like it's going to be at least eight or nine days if not longer. 

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