Lawyer Offers to Help People Too Drunk to Drive With Transportation

A Massachusetts attorney who specializes in drunk driving cases will reimburse anyone who takes a cab, an Uber or a Lyft after a night of heavy drinking, an offer he calls his "civic duty."

The attorney, Gregory Oberhauser, said the offer is available to anyone who lives in Middlesex, Essex, Worcester, Suffolk or Norfolk County. Also, only those who are 21 or older are eligible.

"If they find themselves impaired at a bar, and they don't have a designated driver, they can turn around and call an Uber," Oberhauser said.

Oberhauser said the offer is valid once per person for any ride up to $35. To redeem the offer, a ride receipt must be mailed with a copy of a valid I.D. to Oberhauser's office at 287 Appleton St., Suite 207 in Lowell.

"I got hit by a drunk driver and now I'm wheelchair-bound," said Paul Patten of Lowell.

Patten, who was struck on a crosswalk three months ago, said he supports the Oberhauser's program.

The program, which started June 29, runs through July 7.

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