Lifting the Lockdown: An NBC10 Boston Special on the Impact of COVID-19

We explore what our lives might look like when we get out of the house and back to work

On Wednesday, April 29, NBC10 Boston aired "Lifting the Lockdown," a program on what our lives might look like when we get out of the house and back to work after the coronavirus shutdowns.

We took a look at how businesses might need to adapt, how shopping could change for consumers, plus a doctor's advice to parents on staying in touch about their child's health.

You can watch entries in our "Lifting the Lockdown" series below:

What Will the New Normal Look Like?

After the lockdown is lifted, life will not simply go back to normal.

How Dining Out Will Be Different When Restaurants Reopen

Restaurants have been struggling during the pandemic, and even when people begin eating out again, more changes will likely be in store.

Which Businesses Would Open First and How Would They Keep Customers Safe?

When Massachusetts lifts its lockdown, what businesses will open first?

Massachusetts Ramps Up Contact Tracing to Slow Spread of Coronavirus

To lift the lockdown in Massachusetts, health officials say testing and contact tracing have to get much better.

Temperature Checks, Masks and Paid Quarantine: What Can Boston Learn From Other Countries?

We can learn some lessons from other countries on containing the virus and living with the threat.

Lifting the Lockdown: CEO of State Street Talks About Reopening

Company executive John Plansky discusses reopening State Street.
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