‘Like Deja Vu': Gas Leak, Evacuations Shake Lawrence Residents

The gas leak that forced hundreds of people from their homes Friday in Lawrence, Massachusetts, brought back painful memories for a city still scarred by last year's gas explosions.

Brandon Difo returned home to his Lawrence house Friday night. The tired dad is one of hundreds of people evacuated around 4 a.m. after yet another gas main leak.

Police went around to neighborhoods telling residents to evacuate.

"Once I saw the police go by, I just took my kids and ran out," Difo said.

He says he can't help but be anxious after last year, when the Merrimack Valley was rocked by the gas explosions and fires. One person was killed.

"It sucks because it's the anniversary of what happened last year and it's starting again, like deja vu," he said.

In the middle of the night, tired and weary residents made their way to the Arlington Middle School shelter.

No one was hurt in this latest gas leak, but residents say the constant upheaval has been frustrating.

"I don't think everybody had fully recovered from that, and it's pretty sad that now, this is happening again," Difo said. "I thought the issue was fixed."

Around 9 p.m., the shelter shut down. While most residents are back at home, the American Red Cross of Massachusetts put up 31 families in hotels Friday night.

If you don't has gas service or can't go home due to the disruption, you're urged to call 1-800-590-5571.

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