Mailman Saves Packages as Fire Destroys Mail Truck in Dudley

Dudley police said the mailman was able to save all of the mail and packages, thanks to some help from a good Samaritan

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A mail carrier was out making deliveries Friday morning when his U.S. Postal Service truck caught on fire in Dudley, Massachusetts.

Dudley police say they responded to Dresser Hill Road around 11:43 a.m. for a motor vehicle fire and found a mail delivery vehicle fully engulfed in flames.

According to police, the mail carrier immediately called dispatch for help when he spotted the flames in his truck. Then, he began removing all of the packages and mail from his vehicle -- hoping to save as much as he could for the people on his route.

With assistance from a good Samaritan, police say the mailman was able to save all the mail and packages.

A picture shared by police on Facebook shows a burned out truck, with packages sitting on the pavement in the background.

People were praising the mail carrier on Facebook for his efforts to save all of the packages and mail.

"Bravo for the mailman being a quick thinker in getting the mail and packages out," Annette Gion wrote. "Thank you to the Good Samaritan in helping the mailman."

"What a good person for trying to get packages and stuff out. That's risking his/her life so strangers wouldn't be inconvenienced," Corey Lapierre wrote. "They deserve some sort of reward."

"Amazing! That's one heck of a driver," Susan Jankot exclaimed.

Police did not say what caused the truck to catch fire.

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