New Year's Baby Born in Parking Lot

Every New Year's Day, there are news stories about the first babies born in the new year. But none are quite like the story of a baby in Bangor, Maine, who couldn't wait to make it to the hospital.

Mother Jennifer Sicard-Flood started feeling contractions New Year's Day. She piled into a friend's pick-up truck, and made the one-hour drive to Eastern Maine Medical Center in Bangor.

As her contractions started speeding up, so did the car.

"I was a little worried, but at the time, your adrenaline is so up there, and you're in so much pain," said Sicard-Flood. "You're just thinking, 'Oh my god, the baby is coming.'"

The driver raced to the hospital, and made it to a parking lot nearby. They were so close, yet so far from the delivery room.

"I had started feeling like I needed to push," she said.

The driver ran out of the truck to get help from the hospital, while the passenger helped Sicard-Flood get into position. With one foot on the seat, and another on the dash, she delivered her baby in the parking lot.

Paramedics from the Bangor Fire Department beat hospital nurses to the scene. When Lt. Andrew Emery arrived, he found a tired mother and cold, slightly blue baby.

"We gave him oxygen, and a warm ride to the E.R.," said Lt. Emery. "Babies don't wait, but zero degree [temperatures] is probably not the ideal weather [to have a baby]."

Despite his chaotic entrance, baby Lucas Wayne Flood was peacefully sleeping at EMMC Wednesday morning, cleared to be taken home.

Sicard-Flood said she is overwhelmed with gratitude to the firefighters, and the friend who delivered in her time of need.

"Thank you," she said through tears.

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